Holland B. Cunningham


I am an American artist who makes work using various materials, employing oil, water-based media, photography as well as animation. My most recent work is an assortment of mixed media/ oil paintings in which I use found photography—print details of the memories of others—as a starting point.

I am an avid collector of discarded photography and slides that I see not as mere images frozen in time, but as something that is still happening. I do not limit myself to simply looking at the information but rather thinking of the individuals or scenes as they actually are. I am not only the spectator but also the protagonist or a player in the scene or moment captured. I aim to take the banality of the photograph or slide and through my own ideas and imagination create new associations.

The individual works I make are really fragments of a narrative that I continue to change and develop as I add new pieces. New relations are made in this constant dialectical play. Each original form is subject to perpetual change giving new structure to the point from which I started. In essence I intend to create a new story formed from the lives of others. 




Studio: 195 Chrystie Street, 603E (by appointment only)